This page is dedicated to my sister, Peg.

"A child's first teaching is of the four Great Powers of the Medicine Wheel."

North - Wisdom - White - Buffalo

South - Innocence and trust - Green - Mouse (place for perceiving closely our nature of heart).

West - Looks-Within Place - Black - Bear

East - Where we can see things clearly far and wide - Gold of the Morning Star - Eagle


by Konittajo Pohrte

From the day of her birth she was destined to have special powers.  The Great Spirit has placed an eagle on her hip.  The eagle soars and sees all and gives her the power to perceive what is in your heart.  But, other powers are also hers.  The buffalo gives its self freely for the survival of  "The Humans."  The power of the buffalo (the giver) is also the gift to her from the Great Spirit.  Words are seldom needed to relate to her your necessity.

If a troubled spirit causes you to seek the council of this wise Shaman, she illuminates the darkness of despair.  Many seek her out for council.  Her wisdom and empathy are great.  A child-like, shy innocence radiates from her.  She is a fragile, graceful, dark-eyed beauty..  Her head bows ever so slightly; signaling her humility and reverence for all life.  She has a gentle quiet about her.  The peace and harmony of the universe are hers and she gives these gifts to others.

Her dark hair has begun to sparkle with the silver of her years.  An olive complexion, high cheek bones, and delicate features communicate her Native American heritage.  She appears to be totally unaware of her eminent worth.

The gifts of this wise Shaman are often material.  However, her greatest gifts are those of the spirit.  She calms the raging, inner seas.  So many times she has rescued the broken pieces of shattered lives.  She asks naught for herself.  "Do good and disappear" is her course.  Praise is an embarrassment to her.

Soothing like the turtle dove, her voice flows on the breeze.  The sound of her laughter is like tinkling bells.  "Wait til you have all the facts before you judge," she will say.  If you should ask, "What should I do?"  She would reply, "What do you want to do?"  She is only raised to anger if she hears you belittle yourself.  Her anger is gentle and full of praise for your worthiness.

The Great Spirit gave me, "Little White Mouse Singing", charge over this "baby sister" at her birth.  How was I to know He had also given her charge over this "big sister" at her entrance into this world?


Painting by Penni Anne Cross

Bi-Wiik; Bia Bahjah Series (Mine; Woman/Man Series)


Graphics Provided By Sam Silverhawk

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