My Miniature Projects

These pages were last updated September 19, 2004


Here I am in 1996 with my WONDERFUL hubby, who supports me completely in all of my "miniature madness."

Miniaturists  are "collectors" and "packrats" of all sorts of weird objects.    All  I  have to do is simply mention some strange object that would be "perfect" for one of my miniature projects and he starts to work immediately on the process of locating the "object of my desire.

"He tolerates my vast array of clutter, cooks our meals whilst I play with my "toys", carries me near and far in search of supplies, and has marvelous ideas for innovative ways of creating that "special touch" to a project.  He is also a very fine artist and is a published poet.  He writes beautiful poetry.

These pages will soon contain photos of some of my miniature projects.

I am currently working on a 3 story Victorian dollhouse (the Newport), a "Professor's Study", a kit bashed Buttercup dollhouse for my grand-daughter, a "Spellbook", a "Time Machine Project" and a "Castle".  Photos will be uploaded in the very near future.

So, check back often to see my progress as I work on my miniature projects.

Spell Book Professor's Study Time Machine
Castle Leaf Patterns

Do It Yourself Tutorials

Buttercup Newport

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